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Hardwick or Hardwick connections

93rd Bomb Group - Official Site

Hardwick Aerodrome 104: Home of the 93rd Bomb Group (2017). A documentary film. IMDB.

Taking off — runway 13 — 2010 Hardwick,
YouTube video

Preller — Hardwick,
Fred Preller's 'Mighty Eighth' site

Preller — Three Nags, Fritton (near Hardwick) - A Respite from the Camp

Control Tower, Hardwick

Hardwick Warbirds, next door to the museum, Open Days co-incide with museum Open Days.

Ted's Travelling Circus, Sam McGowan's site

East Anglian Film Archive, Hardwick 1943, film of aircraft and personnel

WW2 Total Games, History and Pictures of WWII. Nice B-24 graphic on this site

Michael Graves' Google+ photos, Hardwick features highly on this site

Kiwi Aircarft Images, Phillip Treweek's site

Diary of Emilio N.Fantasia, T/Sgt, 328th Bomb Squadron, 93rd Bomb Group (H), 8th Air Force, USAAF

Monument in The Marne(51), France. Two aircaft from Hardwick crashed near the viiage of Bourgogne on 1st April 1944.   (in French).

B24 Liberator Audio and Video files at Marshall Stelzriede's Wartime Story site



WikipediA 'The Free Encyclopedia' - this site likes WikipediA [Wiki]

B-24 Liberator Restoration Australia, these guys are restoring a B-24 link trainer as well

American Aircraft Markings and Camouflage , see also Fritz The Fox's site

USAAF [Wiki]

RAF [Wiki]

Warbirds Resource Group, lots of photos of planes

Little Friends, USAAF Fighter Command

Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust

Nick Stone's, Geomapping Norfolk Airfields of WWII

Nose Art on


Crashes data

Jan Nieuwenhuis's, War II Allied Aircraft Crashes in the Netherlands & North Sea (in English)

Daniel Carville's, France Crashes 39-45, France. Mostly French but quite a lot in English as well

Fighter Control, Norfolk Crash Sites

USAAF Crash Sites 1942 – 1945, Air Crash Sites




Other Bases

489th Bomb Group Museum, Halesworth (Holton)

Halesworth (Holton) Airfield Museum, Station 365, Memorial Museum

Mendlesham 34th Bomb Group [Wiki]

Debach (Helton's Hellcats), Station 152, Suffolk, 493rd Bomb Group

Bungay, Flixton [Wiki]

Seething [Wiki]

Thorpe Abbotts [Wiki]

2nd Air Division Memorial Library, Norwich, UK

Horham, 95th Bomb Group

American Memorials in Norfolk and Suffolk, photographs and locations of American memorials in Norfolk and Suffolk, England. (This is a blog by Laurie Atkins)


Facebook Groups/Pages

Hardwick Aerodrome 104 - Home of the 93rd Bomb Group: A documentary film

* Sites no longer working !!!

This is such a shame, a whole plethora of text and images have been lost to our viewers.   If you used to own, or you know someone who did, one of these sites and they now have a new 'url' (web address) then please let us know.

93rd Bomb Group Museum, Hardwick Fenton Photography *

Bike-It, ex WWII Airfields, Brooke, Seething and Hardwick *

Nick Stone's RAF Harwick, Hardwick old overlay on current map *

East Anglian Aircraft Reseach Group, Jeff Sweffling, Aviation Archaeology. Some of Hardwick's relics were discovered here *

93rd Bomb Group, Hardwick Sweffling *

Airfield Information Exchange, photos of the airfield buildings here *

The Heritage League *

White Lodge Farm Cottages USAAAF page *

Richard Flagg's photos of Hardwick *

Webshots America Greetings Photo Gallery, try the slideshow option *

Wibbly Wobbly *


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93rd Bombardment Group Museum, Station 104, Hardwick, Norfolk, UK.

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